Update Your Breakfast Menu With These Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an integral part of your life as health professionals often talk in favor of having a breakfast for sure. Moreover, having the right breakfast will definitely prove to be beneficial for your health. The need is only for an innovative breakfast recipe that can make your breakfast table lot more interesting.

Thus, if you are also seeking an awesome breakfast recipe, this is the right place for you. We bring to you a really effective breakfast recipe that is not only easy to prepare but is tempting as well.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Make Your Menu Interesting With Awesome Breakfast Recipe
Make Your Menu Interesting With Awesome Breakfast Recipe

Flour, eggs, and chocolate, your special breakfast recipe could hardly get any better than this. Follow the recipe below to put this delicious breakfast recipe on your table.


  • ½ stick of unsalted butter;
  • 1 cup whole fat milk;
  • One and ¼ cups of flour;
  • a tablespoon sugar;
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder;
  • ¾ teaspoon salt;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 6 ounces slightly bitter chocolate chips;
  • Butter for frying your pancakes

Preparation Method

  • Firstly, combine your ½ stick of butter and milk in a small saucepan and heat on low flame till the butter melts and blends well with milk.
  • Moreover, allow the mixture to cool down and gradually add flour and whisk well to ensure that that you have a uniform batter.
  • In addition, add your eggs and whisk again
  • Add your baking powder to make sure you have fluffy and spongy pancakes
  • Now heat a skillet, brush with butter and pour three tablespoons of the batter on to it
  • Allow to cook till golden brown on one side and carefully flip over
  • Cook both sides and repeat the process till your batter is done with
  • Multiple pancakes are now ready to be served

Fruity Milkshake

Make Your Menu Interesting With Awesome Breakfast Recipe
Make Your Menu Interesting With Awesome Breakfast Recipe

The fruity milkshake is an optional breakfast recipe here and can be simply replaced by a pot of coffee. However, if you have kids at home there is no replacement for this wholesome drink. Making a milkshake is as easy as ABC and the process is detailed below.


  • 4 Cups of Chilled Whole Fat Milk;
  • 2 Chopped Mangoes;
  • 8 Quartered Grapes;
  • Pomegranate Seeds;
  • 2 Peeled and Chopped Bananas;
  • 2 Tablespoons of Honey;
  • Mixed Nuts;
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup;
  • Ice cubes

Preparation Method:

  • Add chopped bananas and mangoes to a blender and blend well
  • Put in half of your milk and blend again
  • Add honey and blend yet again
  • Add ice cubes and blend to crush
  • Add grapes, pomegranate seeds, and mixed nuts
  • Pour into glasses and serve with pancakes

It is easy to see how this is a complete breakfast meal that any kid would enjoy. Well this is the perfect combination of two breakfast recipes for a quick meal. A great Spanish omelet, some sausages, and bacon could complete this meal, if you prefer a larger breakfast. This meal is guaranteed to be wholesome and filling, especially when you need to load up on energy to get through a long day.

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