Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?

Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?

Most of the time, when we buy water from the stores, we look for bottled water. According to our perception, bottled water is pure, distilled, and full of minerals. This water is mostly available in plastic bottles. Now, we know that plastic is not good for or environment and even ourselves. So less do we know that the plastic that bottles the water is also not good for the water too? It often taints the water, making it unsuitable for drinking.

In this article, we will find out how plastic taints the bottled water and makes it unsuitable for us to drink.

How Often Is Plastic Found In Bottled Water?

Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?

Researchers have tested over 250 bottles of water from across nine countries to check if they contained little plastic bits. Much to their surprise, they found little plastic bits floating around in almost 93 out of 100 bottles tested. All these 250 and above bottles were from different brands too. But, plastic seemed to connect them all in a strange, sad way.

To date, scientists are yet to confirm the source of this plastic floating around in the water. Not only is the source of this a mystery, but scientists are also yet to confirm whether ingesting them might cause fatal damage or not. Thus, it can easily be said that we are subconsciously drinking contaminated water for days at an end, the result of which might show later in our lives.

Knowing The Plastic Bits

Most of the plastic bits floating in the water are wider than a human hair. While these are only the wider ones, there are 300 other smaller floating particles in the water. Scientists often refer to them as microplastic fibers. They even can enter any human body and easily end up in their organs.

The British Broadcasting Centre (BBC) and the Canadian Broadcasting Centre (CBC), both have published stories about this research within a short time. No other organization has shown to challenge the results to the present day, and no other articles have been published.

Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?
Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?

Save The Environment From Plastic Tainted Bottled Water

Plastic has been creating havoc since the time it was introduced into common people’s lives. Neither is plastic pollution something new, nor is seeing tiny bits of plastic floating around in the rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Many researchers believe that the source of microplastic in the water is the larger pieces of plastic that are broken down in landfills and oceans. Even ocean waves help to tear down the plastic, thus making them smaller bits travel easily from one place to another and eventually into our ‘safe’ bottled drinking water.

But, Are All Plastics Unsafe?

Well, we cannot agree that any kind of plastic is safe or good for the environment. But, there are certain grades of plastic that are better than the others. For example, our vegetable hand-cranked grater with stainless steel drum lets us take a look at its features.

Vegetable Hand-Cranked Grater with Stainless Steel Drum

Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?
Is The Bottled Water We Drink Safe From Contaminations?
  • Convenient and easy to clean – Owing to its removable hand drum, it is comparatively convenient to use and easy to clean
  • Comparatively safer – Since it is made from food-grade plastic, it is comparatively safer than other plastic products and surely better than the bottled drinking water.
  • Durable – Built from high-quality ABS material and 430 stainless steel, it is durable and long-lasting.
  • Multi-purpose – It is suitable for grating chocolate, nuts, vegetables, and hard cheese.

Thus, if you like this product, you can easily go ahead and buy it. It is not contaminated, and will it not contaminate your food at any point in time.

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