Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things

Healthy breakfast ideas are no more a myth now. Many people think that they have to invest a lot of time preparing a healthy breakfast. Hence they choose to skip their breakfast. But there are many simple, tasty, and healthy breakfast ideas that can be prepared in few minutes. Let’s look into some of them.

Muesli Parfait

This is one of the healthy breakfast ideas that take just a few minutes. This breakfast recipe can be prepared either at home or at the office. Through using Mason jar, you can try the portable version of this recipe. Just mix muesli, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and coconut flakes in this jar and add yoghurt into this. If needed later add some fruits and now your breakfast is ready to eat.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Wrap

This is one of the best and most versatile breakfast. You need to take a whole wheat wrap here and fill it up with some filling of your choice. For example, you can make use of scrambled eggs along with peppers and onions.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things
1Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things

Pita Pocket

This is the best choice for people who like sweets and those who like salt. Here you should take a whole wheat pita and slice it. You can spread almond butter if you like sweet and choose hummus if you hate sweet.


Here you can consume macrobiotic porridge which is prepared from whole wheat along with vegetables like broccoli, celery, radish, and seaweed.


This is for people who like to have liquid breakfasts. Always choose smoothie over coffee since it is very healthy. Smoothie is a combination of juices, vegetables, and fruits together. You need to blend everything and prepare your liquid breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Breakfast Bars

These bars are the best choice for people who are really busy in the morning. You can just carry these bars and eat them on the go.

Egg White Tostadas

Roast a tortilla and add a scrambled egg on that. You can also add sliced avocado and chopped cilantro.

Quinoa Bowl

This is a pseudo-grain breakfast recipe that is amazingly tasty. Along with that, it is one of the healthiest recipes we have. Quinoa can be the best choice for both sweet and people sour lovers.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Frittata

This is one of the best recipes and it is suitable for egg lovers. You need to add beaten eggs, spices, and vegetables in between quiche and omelette to prepare this recipe.

Fruit Salad

This is the best breakfast recipe that takes care of all the vitamins needed by the body. It is easy to prepare and highly versatile.

Low-Fat Huevos Rancheros

This is also one of the healthy choices you have to consume as breakfast. Here you should make use of tortilla and top it with tasty scrambled egg whites.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things
Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 12 Incredibly Easy Things

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Bottom Line

As said earlier, breakfast is the most important meal in your day. Without breakfast, it is very difficult to get the energy that helps to carry you throughout your busy day. Along with feeling better mentally, eating breakfast comes with a lot of benefits both physically and mentally.

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