Electric Cooking Pot Multifunctional

Electric Cooking Pot Multifunctional Hotpot

An Electric Cooking Pot is a multifunctional hotpot that you can use regularly. Similarly, the height of this pot is twenty-one centimeters and it has a visible glass cover. You can see the food that you are steaming or cooking on the pot conveniently. Other than that, it is very easy to use and it uses a Europlug. In addition, you can adjust the way you cook your food. If you turn the button on the left, it will cook fast. But if you turn the button on the right, your food will cook slowly. You can power it off if you push the button on the middle part of the cooking pot. You can steam or boil food inside this device. It can heat up at high temperature and it does not easily rust. At the same time, this device is durable and portable.

Electric Cooking Pot Multifunctional Hotpot

A multifunctional hotpot based on the electric cooking pot which can be used by you on a day to day purpose. The height is, however, twenty-one centimeters with a visible cover of glass. On purchasing it and trying for cooking you can see your food get cooked on the pot quite easily.

Meanwhile, this product is quite easy to use as well as you can use earplugs for this product. However, you can adjust your food as per your choice and convenience.

Thus, turning on the button to the left will make your food cook faster, on the contrary, turning the button to the right will make your food cook slow. There is a power button which when pushed you can put the power off as well.

You can easily steam and boil your food, even though it gets heated at a high temperature it is rust free. It also includes the features of being portable and durable in nature.

Fine Hotpot Details

This product, however, uses stainless steel which prevents corrosion. It also has a handle of PP. this helps you to hold the hotpot properly.

There are actually two types of hotpots available, one has a steamer and the other kind does not have a steamer. Now it is fully on your preference to choose the type. This device is very easy to clean as well.

However, after using this electric cooking pot, unplug the electric socket and let the product cool down before all the washing and cleaning has to be done.

Excellent Non-Stick Pot

You will be a fan of this hotpot because of it being non-stick from the inside which will prevent food to stick and then go through the problem of cleaning later. Many food items of your desired choice can be cooked with this product. 


You will like this pot because of its non-stick coating inside. It allows you to fry foods without sticking it into the material. Additionally, it can let you cook and wash without any difficulty. It even has two firepower switch. In four-hundred watts, you can simmer soup. While in eight-hundred watts, cook noodles quickly.

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