Breakfast Recipes: 11 Best North Indian

Breakfast Recipes: 11 Best North Indian

Breakfast recipes are considered the most crucial meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need for everyday activities. Morning food is a way of telling your body that you care about it. Getting in your fiber, protein early morning, is right for your health. A healthy breakfast can improve your health condition.

To have a good dish, you need to know some tasty breakfast. Nothing can get better than North Indian breakfast recipes. You can choose from poha, parathas, chole bhature, paneer toasty, or masala omelet. There’s always something for every taste bud. Now let’s look at some north Indian breakfast.

Poha-Breakfast Recipes

It is one of the healthiest breakfasts that you will come across. Poha is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is cook onions and potatoes. Add lemon and curry leaves for fantastic flavor. Thus, making it the fastest breakfast out there.

11 Best North Indian Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast Recipes: 11 Best North Indian

Gobi Ka Paratha

Every North Indian love paratha. There are different variants of paratha breakfast recipes. Stuffed with some healthy cauliflower and vegetables, it will make your day. Yogurt will enhance the taste of parathas.

Chole Bhature-Breakfast Recipes

Whether North Indian or South Indian, chole bhature will always be loved. Fluffy bhature and spicy chole will make your stomach full. Knowing this breakfast recipe will make your friends and family love you even more.

Moong Dal Cheela with Stuffed Paneer

This breakfast recipe will provide you with some low-calorie breakfast. Paneer is stuffer into cheelas made from moong dal. Add some coriander leaves pickle or some chutney for better taste.

Paneer Toasty-Breakfast Recipes

One of the most nutritious breakfast recipes on our list. Made with paneer, brown bread, or toast, and some veggies make it very healthy. Paneer toasty is one of the quickest breakfast. Serve with some tangy

Channa Kulcha

Similar to chole bhature, we have channa Kulcha. Kulcha is bread made without any yeast. This breakfast will just burst with flavors. If you like some spice in your breakfast, then this breakfast is the one for you.

Masala Omelet-Breakfast Recipes

If you do not have a lot of time in the morning. If so, then this breakfast will pay off. It will only take you five to ten minutes to prepare masala omelet. Combine spices, tomato, onions, and egg into a delicious breakfast.

11 Best North Indian Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast Recipes: 11 Best North Indian

Dal Bhari Poori

Stuff poori with flavored moong dal mix. Fry it along with some spices and chilies Serve with aloo sabzi and some kheer for a great breakfast.

Aloo Rasedaar-Breakfast Recipes

Aloo Rasedaar is the favorite of many North Indians. Mash some potatoes and add it to some sweet and spicy gravy. Best eaten with some hot pooris.

Dal Kachori

One of the most loved snacks served at home. You will find this snack all over India. To make Kachoris, we use bread and ground dal. It is deep-fried along with Maida and some spices.

Jalebi-Breakfast Recipes

Jalebi is one of the tastiest Indian sweets. Everyone loves jalebi, including kids, to adults. The best part is that you can have it either cold or warm.  Jalebi is the last breakfast recipe that we will see today.


In this article, we have seen some of the best north Indian breakfast. Now, it time to wear your apron and start cooking.

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