Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home

Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home

The kid’s tantrums are beginning to increase with days. Therefore, looking for a quick and easy breakfast idea for kids can be challenging. Kids have a complicated taste and most of them get fussy when it comes to eating healthy foods. Being a mother you need to think about their health and food for proper growth and nutrition in their body. Many parents have no idea what to feed their child for breakfast. Kids like to have new recipes every now and then, and parents lack their creativity in preparing new dishes every day. However, there are many recipes that can be of great breakfast idea for kids.

Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home
Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home

Best Breakfast Idea For Kids

There are some ingredients that are a common favorite of every child. Assembling these ingredients in one dish can become a great idea to prepare for breakfast.

Breakfast Idea For Kids: Muffin And Egg Pizza

Ingredients Required To Prepare

Extra virgin olive oil

Four medium-sized English muffins

Tomato (Sliced in pieces)

Two large cooked and sliced eggs


Pinches of kosher salt

Mozzarella (grated)

Step By Step Preparation

Boil the two eggs until it is hard-cooked. Next, cut the English muffins in halves and toast them. After that, place them on a baking sheet.

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on the top of the English muffins and add the sliced tomatoes. Next, cut the hard-boiled eggs in two halves and place on top of it. thereafter, add the mozzarella cheese finely grated. Finally, add the oregano and pisches of kosher salt to taste.

The muffins and egg pizza is ready after you broil the entire thing for five minutes. The melting cheese will attract the kids for a bite and your healthy breakfast is ready.

Breakfast Idea For Kids: Granola Parfait With Yogurt

Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home
Breakfast Idea For Kids To Prepare At Home

If you are looking for a unique breakfast dish for your kid, then this is the one you are looking for. It is very easy to prepare for your kid and a perfect dish for a busy morning schedule. The Granola Parfait is healthy and tasty as well. Your kid will get the proper nutrition their body needs. Yogurt is also a portion of healthy food and keeps the body cool during summer.

Ingredients Required

One tablespoon of maple syrup

One-fourth cup of granola

Half a cup of plain yogurt


This is probably the only easy breakfast dish which does not require any kind of flame and is rich with nutrition. Firstly, take a parfait glass. If you do not have any, you can also use a dish. Then, gently add the granola at the bottom of the glass. After that add the yogurt on top of it. Finally, dress the dish with a drizzle of maple syrup.


In the fast life that everyone leads today, its impossible to work and maintain your kids feeding tantrums. Therefore, simple and quick breakfast recipes that you can prepare within fifteen minutes is the best way to keep your child healthy and happy.

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