Benefits Of Eating Breakfast

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Eating breakfast implies You a breaking the fast after, 7–8hrs of sleep. Your body requires fuel/nourishment to get you started on the day. 80z glass of water will get things flowing again, followed by a “healthy breakfast”. Skipping can leave you lethargic during some of the most productive time of the day. Listen to your own body. Some of us only need a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit. Others might perform better with something more significant. You should feel satiated, not stuffed. Take a week to track how you feel after eating your typical breakfast. And change accordingly. If you have skipped, then introduce and monitor as well.

Benefits Of Eating Breakfast
Benefits Of Eating Breakfast

Why Eating Breakfast Is Important

 Once you wake up, the brain is in direct need of glucose which only your breakfast can provide. You need to control the glucose levels in the blood. They have dipped during the past few hours while asleep. Most importantly, eating breakfast provides you with essential nutrients and vitamins to get going. Nutritious meals for lunch and dinner cant make up for the skipped breakfast. Then you are mistaken. Maybe, your entire day’s meals can include nutrients. Still, you will never be able to catch up with the ones you can get from breakfast.

What Happens When We Skip Eating Breakfast?

  • When we skip eating breakfast and start our workday, the body starts craving for food after a few hours. From experience, you know you will eat what is readily available. And that is possibly unhealthy. Such as a pack of biscuits, chips, chocolates or even ice cream. Result? Weight-gain!
  • You may have problems with concentration. Your habit of not eating breakfast early in the morning is to blame. An empty stomach can do nothing for you. Your brain is continually asking for glucose, and you have ignored those signals. In such cases, your mind does not pick up speed and behaves sluggish and tired.
  • Irritated? Are you suffering from mood swings? Again, skipping breakfast is the most prominent reason behind it. Your stress levels increase and your mood plummets.
  • I am on a diet, but still not losing weight! You must have tried every possible fad in the world, but the weighing scale refuses to budge. Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism leading to no weight loss. Remember skipping any meal would do you no good and will not aid in weight loss. Instead, you will put on weight.
Benefits Of Eating Breakfast
Benefits Of Eating Breakfast

Have Breakfast: Make Healthy Choice

Remember to always make wise choices for your breakfast. Do not opt for leftovers lying in your fridge from yesterday’s lunch or dinner. Pizza, burgers, cheesy pasta, pastries and whatever else that might be languishing in there are harmful. We need to understand that we get nutrition through wholesome foods. Your breakfast should have a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You might say that you know the importance of breakfast. But you are finding it challenging to have it diligently. Owing to a hectic schedule ‘Too Busy’ are two words you can delete from your vocabulary. Additionally, a Nutritionist has a solution to your busy-bee woes.

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