5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast

5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast

Inside or outside the kitchen, oral consumption, or external application, garlic is an extremely useful ingredient to improve one’s physical health.

Similarly, research centers also use garlic to come up with the making of new-age medications!

5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast
5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast

Consuming garlic in necessary amounts can help lower the blood pressure and can help with controlling and regulating cholesterol levels!

Furthermore, research also proves that garlic prevents various types of cancer. 

It must, therefore, come as no surprise that so many recipes call for garlic, an ingredient that reliably adds delicious aroma and depth of flavor to whatever is being cooked!

It has numerous health benefits due to the presence of ‘allicin’, the compound that’s also responsible for the aroma.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast!

1. Consume Raw Garlic

Swallow a small, cleaned up piece with a full glass of water. Furthermore, studies show that when one consumes garlic on an empty stomach, the garlic acts as a highly powerful antibiotic. Eating raw garlic early in the morning on an empty stomach stimulates digestion and appetite.

2. Garlic As Breakfast Seasoning

Add fresh garlic to salad dressings, sauces, and butter for a fiery and pungent flavor. 

3. Garlic as a core ingredient

For meat lovers, add a few cloves of garlic to trays of roasting meat or vegetables for a milder and more aromatic garlic flavor.

4. Garlic as a sauce

Use chopped garlic acid-base in sauces, soups, and casseroles for improved flavor, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love sauces! 

5. Garlic and lemon

One of the best combinations for shedding those pounds is the combination of garlic and lemon. Half a lemon in lukewarm water with two cloves of garlic can do wonders! 

5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast
5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast

Advantages Of Garlic

  1. Good Heart Health
    Garlic, among various things, facilitates in maintaining the health of a human heart!
  2. Cure for tumor
    The sulfur present in garlic, it is a proven cure for tumor cells as well! 
  3. Nutrient Absorption
    Garlic aids the better absorption of necessary nutrients and vitamins from the foods we consume! In continuation, it facilitates in the better functioning of our internal system! 
  4.  Detoxification
    Above all, did you have a really heavy dinner last night? No problem! The sulphydryl in garlic can help with the removal of toxins.

You can make your work easy by buying a good garlic chopper so that you can enjoy all the benefits of garlic without any hassle.

5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast
5 Ways To Use Garlic In Your Breakfast

Getting Rid of the Smell

One of the most common concerns is “How exactly does one get rid of the unbearable and frowned upon garlic smell?”

  1. To get rid of the garlic breath after eating raw garlic in the morning, brush, floss, chew on some parsley. It’s fast and water helps to deodorize volatile compounds.
  2. To get rid of garlic smell from your hands rub with a lemon wedge or salt. Rinse hands well with water.

Including an essential ingredient like garlic in your early morning meal can help you stay positive and healthy throughout the day! Start your breakfast with garlic and keep going! 

All the best! 

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