14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas To Lose Weight

Protein is essential for our body and it is important to have a breakfast full of protein. It will help you have a healthy and productive day. The following are a few healthy breakfasts that you can make for yourself in less time. Here is the list of ideas that can help you make high protein breakfast.

Having ample protein in the morning can stay longer without meal until afternoon. In research by the Journal Of Nutrition, it is mentioned that people who have breakfast with high protein consume fewer calories throughout the day. Protein decreases the level of peptide YY and increases the level of ghrelin, these hormones makes your brain believe that ‘you are full’. On average women over 19 should intake 46 grams and men should intake 56 grams.

14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas To Lose Weight
14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas To Lose Weight

High Protein Breakfast:

Milk and Cereal: choose your cereal wisely as some have high protein content while others have very little. Some of the good cereals are Kashi Golean Original with 12g of protein content. It also has disease-fighting components. Bear Naked Fit Almond Crisp has 6g of protein. Kellog’s Special K has 15 g of protein and boosts your immunity. You can also add almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and other nuts

Egg and Cheese Roll: this is a very easy recipe. You can make a burrito with beans and eggs. Both have a high content of protein. You can also add various vegetables and add various toppings. 

Butter/Jelly on toast: You can use peanut butter instead of butter. This will add an extra 7g of protein to your meal. Always check the ingredients before buying the butter as some may have extra sugar as well. 

Yogurt: Having yogurt can add 6g of protein to your diet. You can add berries that are rich in fiber. Nuts and fruits are also a good option to go for. 

14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas To Lose Weight
14 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas To Lose Weight

Oatmeal: Make oatmeal with water instead of milk. You can use skimmed milk. You can also add apples and walnut. Cinnamon and honey will make your oatmeal tastier and healthier. 

Homemade Muffin: Banana muffins made at home are high in protein and have only 1g of fat. There is a total of 8g of protein in a muffin. It is a healthy substitute than the ones we get in bakeries. They have around 500 calories per muffin but these muffins prepared at home can bring your calories down to 300. 

Banana: if you do not have time to cook. Then the banana has a lot of protein. Cottage cheese also has a lot of protein, vitamin A and calcium. Single-serve of banana and cottage cheese can give you 20g of protein. 

Scrambled Egg: Egg muffins can be shaped with scrambled eggs. You can pan-fry it with other vegetables and add a twist to your breakfast. You can mix the whole white and yellow. The quantity of protein will depend upon the no of eggs you are adding. 

Toasted Bagel: you can toast the bagel and add salmon with cottage cheese. This is rich in fiber and protein. Salmon has about 10g of protein. This breakfast is also full of omega 3. 

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